The #1 marketing channel is your website.

When it comes to digital marketing, one of your biggest assets is your business’ website. People who want more information about your company, your products, or the services you sell will visit your website first. At the same time, if your website is well done, it will generate leads and conversions in no time, helping you to achieve your business objectives.

So if you plan to launch a new website for your business or relaunch the existing one, our team of experts will create your website not only to look good but, most importantly, to turn that traffic into leads and conversions that will grow your business.



We will bring to life your brand identity. Your website will be easy to navigate with an ideal loading speed. It will generate more leads and conversions through optimized content and build trust with its professional design that represents your brand.


From all our years of experience, we know there is no better choice than WordPress regarding the CMS (Content Management System). Google favors WordPress because it’s highly focused on SEO, conversions, usability, and security.


We will ensure that your visitors will have the best experience navigating your website using the mobile version. Your website will be mobile responsive and look and feel amazing on all mobile devices.


Our team will make sure that your website is continually optimized. This can mean repairing any possible broken code and making the necessary upgrades to all used plugins, software, and firmware to protect your site.

Your visitors will turn into loyal customers because at DWR Agency, we design websites that get you the results that you want.



We will start the process of designing a website by first understanding your business and what are the goals that you would like to achieve with the new website.

Our main goal will not be to create a website that just looks nice but to make a website that will convert right away. Your new website must become your best Sales Agent in the company. 

In this step, we will have a consultation meeting with you and come up with different recommendations based on our expertise.

After we understand your type of business and have the Marketing Strategy in place, we will go ahead and create the menu of the website and the structure of the pages. 

Depending on how complex a website will be, we will prepare a timeline with what will be next. On average, creating a standard website might take between 1 and 2 months from the project start date. 

We will start by creating a sketch of the homepage. After you approve that sketch at the design level, we will start implementing the new website.


The website will be created on the WordPress platform, which is one of the most used CMS (Content Management System) worldwide. 


When the content will be written by the DWR Agency team, the texts will cover two objectives: to provide the visitors with all the information they might need for them to convert AND to include the right keywords so that the page ranks on SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

To create our proposal for the content of the pages, we will follow the next steps:

  • do research on similar business
  • keyword research has the goal of creating content that will rank in the SERP 
  • content proposal for the first two pages of the website (homepage and one landing page) and request for feedback
  • content creation for the rest of the pages after the feedback is received for the first two pages
  • creation of the legal pages – Cookies Policy page, Terms & Conditions, Confidentiality Policy



We do not recommend that the content for the website be written by one of your team members because it’s rare that an internal person will have the necessary experience for creating texts that will be optimized for both conversion and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But of course, we will not exclude this approach. 


We can use on the website the images that you will provide, following photo sessions organized with a professional photographer of your choice. The images will need to have good quality and great light, to capture the products you are selling as best as possible.


In case your business is more generic and offers mainly services, we could also use premium stock images that will represent the best of what you offer on your website. All the images used this way will have their license for the use on your website.

After you approve all the content and images, we will proceed with creating each page and uploading the content and images.

After creating all the pages for the desktop version, we will move on to creating the mobile version for each page of the website. 

One of the most important sources of traffic to your website are the Search Engines. It is essential that when a user searches in Google for a keyword that you used as one of your focus keywords, Google to show your website as a search result on the first page, ideally to be one of the first results. For this to happen, you will need to “tell” Google that your website is relevant and that it can show a page from the website that matches the search done by the user.

For the On-Site SEO, you will have included:

  • SEO Strategy (establish the focus keywords for each page, check the search volume, and add the Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions)
  • Create the Site Map
  • SEO for all the images used on the website

Our team will do a final check of every single page, content, images, and other elements available, and we recommend our clients designate a member of their team to do a similar check. Any additional changes that will be needed will be done in this step.

After the website will be live, we will add the tracking codes for Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Ads. Also, in this step, we will add the website to Google Search Console for a final check of possible crawling errors.